New Promotion Offers First VR Mission Pack for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Free

Thanks to a recent update to the Japanese Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance site, we now have some new information for the upcoming DLC. According to the site, the first DLC pack is currently set to release on April 2nd (in Japan) and will run you only 300 yen, which is only about $3 dollars. For those who know nothing about the first DLC pack, it includes 30 new VR missions, some of which require you to command a dwarf gekko and a wooden sword infused with Solid Snakes soul (talks too). In addition to the pack being priced / dated, it seems owners of the Cyber Ninja DLC pack will be able to get the dlc on March 14th for free.

Sadly this promotion is limited to Japan, but according to the fine folks over at Metal Gear Solid TV, there are plans to make the DLC free in some capacity in other regions. Considering this was a huge selling point for the game in the US, it’s quite possible that they will just list it for free on the store, but any free DLC is welcomed.


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