Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Data Transfer Program Now Available for Download

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

For those waiting for the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Data Transfer Program, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now download it off the Nintendo E shop. The program takes up 105 blocks and gives you the ability to transfer your save between the 3DS and Wii U.

To use the program, first download / install it from your 3DS (you might need to search for it) and open it. The program has two options, though you only really need to care about the first one, transfer save data. The next menu will ask if you’re sending the 3DS save to the Wii U or downloading the Wii U save, so select whatever one you’re doing. At this point you should have your Wii U on, but if you don’t simply load up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, then select transfer on the main menu. Once both systems are in transfer mode (you might need to retry on the 3DS), you should see your Wii U’s name on the transfer page. Finally follow a series of yes / no prompts on the 3DS to pass over your save data.

Note, the data transfer program will reject your save if you have conflicting data. If this occurs, simply delete the character and then try again.

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