New Costumes and Minions are Heading to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

So far we’ve seen / heard very little about the future of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Besides the new stage and two new characters released a few weeks back, nothing appears to be on the horizon, but thanks to an update to the Japanese site, we might be getting some new costumes / minions in the near future.

According to the site Kratos, Emmett, Kat, Sackboy, Sly, Drake and Fat Princess will be receiving new costumes and 18 new minions will be added in the form of DLC. These items are currently set to hit the Japanese store on March 14th for nearly $2 dollars a costume and $.32 cents a minion. US / EU will most likely receive this content a little before the Japanese release date and will probably be priced at a rounder number than Japan. This is most likely just the first wave of new content, though it’s good to see there is some future past the first DLC characters.


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