DmC Devil May Cry Expect Sales Figures Lowered By Capcom



DmC Devil May Cry expected sales figures have been recently downgraded by Capcom after their nine month earnings report.

During the report, Capcom revealed they now expect the game to shift only 1.2 million copies by April, down 0.8 million from their original estimate. To put this into context of the DmC franchise Devil May Cry 4, which had the biggest initial shipment of the series, sold 2 million copies in the same time frame.

Is this due to an over estimate on Capcom’s behalf or is it simply showing gamers are being more conservative with their purchases? Only time will tell but let’s hope that the gaming market isn’t affected by the economic situation too much more.

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Oliver East

UK Editor + Full Time Gamer
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    I probably would’ve bought this one if Capcom wasn’t profiting off it, those jerks don’t get my dollar vote. Not only are they in bed with Nintendo(I maintain that they’re the reason the Vita’s bombing in Japan, it’s completely their fault for withholding Monster Hunter from the Vita) but their anti-consumer practices(mostly regarding DLC) are sickening. I’m not interesting in buying any Capcom games, in fact yesterday I almost bought the DMC HD Collection but then realized that Capcom’s totally the publisher. I recanted and might get the House of the Dead games instead. Those guys don’t get my money, even if the new DmC looks like an even better game than the original series and I greatly respect the balls it took to make such a bold change in the series formula. But yeah, Capcom. :/

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