Dead Space 3 Review

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Dead Space 3 Review

While this generation lacks a true survival horror experience, many people enjoyed the creepy world of the Dead Space games. The atmosphere and plot of the Dead Space series were on par with the original Resident Evil games, which lead to a small, but devoted fan base. With the release of the third game in the Dead Space saga, many wondered if the latest game will hold true to the root of the series or will it shift to the action genre as well?

Let’s take a look on what’s HOT and what’s NOT in our review of Dead Space 3.


The Marker Explained
In the past two games, the Marker has been onesubject in the Dead Space series that hasn’t been really explained clearly. Those who wants a more better explanation about the game’s Marker will find it in Dead Space 3 as you will venture through the supposed home world of the Marker in Tau Volantis. Once again, you’re in the shoes of Isaac Clarke, as you guide him in an expedition to try and save the world from the threat of the Necromorphs and the Marker. At long last, he will find out the true nature of the Necromorphs. Storywise, Dead Space 3 will somehow fill the gap between the previous two Dead Space games. Characters from previous titles like Ellie will make an appearance and of course new characters and an interesting plot will be uncovered in the game.

Co-Op Gameplay
One of the news additions Visceral did to the third entry of the series is the inclusion of co-operative play. Teaming up with one more person, you and your friend can play through the game and kill Necromorphs with a new set of devastating weapons in the game. Between the single and co-op play in Dead Space 3, more story events will be unveiled when you get to play with someone as Carter. As you reach a point where endless onslaught of enemies come rushing in to you, having a friend to play with will be very beneficial in making the game more bearable as there are times waves of enemies become hard in taking down.

Crafting Weapons
Aside from co-op, Visceral also added the ability for you to craft your weapons to make it powerful and unique when taking out Necromorphs. Throughout the game, you will be finding a lot of items that will be the resources you can use to craft your weapons. If you are fond of customizing your weapons, you will enjoy Dead Space 3 as it has a lot of customization options that you can do. An example of weapons that you can customize is the known Plasma Cutter where you can add the ability to inflict lightning damage. The more resources that you collect within the game, more options you have in making any weapon stand out. If you happen to play with a friend, you can share each other’s creation.

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Dead Space 3 Review, 6.9 out of 10 based on 14 ratings
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    Want a game much better than Gears of War 4, I mean Dead Space 3? Play the original Dead Space at night time with no lights on and a good stereo system.

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