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It seems that 2013 is a year of reboots as, in addition to the Tomb Raider series getting a reboot, Devil May Cry has a reboot too. Almost nearly four years following the release of Devil May Cry 4, the series is getting a serious overhaul with Ninja Theory’s DMC Devil May Cry. Exploring the past of Dante and getting a twist with the new setting, fans of the series will finally get to know him a little bit more as he once again he fights hordes of demons and explores his younger days with Vergil.

Based on the demo that fans have played, people became weary due to slight changes in its gameplay and action. Is a reboot such a bad thing? Let’s take a look at what’s HOT and what’s NOT in our review of DMC Devil May Cry.


A New Take in the Story
Fans of the Devil May Cry series should be familiar with Dante and his fight against the demons. What fans did not know before was how he was in his younger days and the real relationship between him and Vergil. If these are the things you’ve been asking, DMC Devil May Cry will give you an answer. Despite not being closely related to the four original games, Ninja Theory tries to expand the story a little bit more, giving background and adding some twists to the alternate reality of the Dante we knew through the years.

DMC takes place during the younger years of Dante. Before he begins hunting demons, he is a troubled young man who doesn’t who he is. With the help of his new found friend named Kat and his brother Vergil, Dante will uncover the secret of his past and defeat the demon that killed his father, Sparda. Through the plethora of missions throughout the game, prepare to explore Limbo City, an alternate dimension to the real world where a bunch of demons lie. Since this game is a reboot, certain things you may have already known from the first game may have changed since Ninja Theory explored more stuff regarding the story and put their own flavor into it.

In previous Devil May Cry games, you may have noticed that the story isn’t as heavy, but in DMC you can expect to see a lot of in-game cutscenes on every mission. The performance of the cast is perfect and the voice overs are simply phenomenal. Dante may not be as bad-ass as he once was in previous Devil May Cry games, but this time he now has a nasty attitude that will captivate fans and make them enjoy his new persona. Ever wondered how Dante got his white hair? Fans will finally find out why in this game.

More Action Oriented
Out of all the Devil May Cry games, DMC is the one that offers the most action. Instead of implementing a little bit of puzzle just like in previous Devil May Cry games, DMC shifted its focus by delivering a full-on action hack & slash experience. While it may sound tedious doing the same thing over and over again, it all eases up by offering fans new weapons and combos. This time in DMC, fans can expect to use roughly eight new weapons which will have to be mixed together to perform a devastating attack. Each weapon has their own unique strength that works on certain enemies, some are slow and heavy while others are light and can deal massive damage.

Fans who may have missed big bosses will be pleased to hear that they will be back in this game. Throughout the missions in DMC, you will encounter a lot of big bosses that will blow your mind. As always, there’s a strategy behind the big bosses. It may seems hard at first, but as long as you figure out their weaknesses, the battles get easier.

Similar to previous Devil May Cry games, collecting Orbs and other items will be in this game. The Divine Statue will be on every mission in case you decide to upgrade weapon skills or buy items. Collecting orbs is still an essential part of DMC. Every time you kill an enemy, they drop orbs that you can use to purchase items, like a Vitality Star that restores health and a Ressurection Orb. If you’re a long-time fan, this should be pretty familiar.

Angelic and Demonic Weapons
In DMC, Dante is a Nephilim, a breed of angel and demon, therefore he has specific weapons for each side aside from his infamous Rebellion, and Ebony & Ivory. Certain enemies in the game will have a specific weapon that will work against them. You’ll need the right weapon for the job depending on the color of the enemies. For example, if you see is a bluish color, Angelic weapons like the Aquila will work while reddish colored enemies will require Demonic weapons like the Eryx. These things make the game a lot easier to distinguish what type of weapon should be used.

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Review: DMC Devil May Cry, 7.2 out of 10 based on 30 ratings
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