PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC Will Feature Trophies


Every since the first DLC pack was announced for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, many gamers have wondered if they will include trophies or not. This lead to a few debates on the subject, but it seems that the DLC or at least the stage Fearless will in fact feature trophies.

Thanks to Sony updating the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale trophy list on the server side, you will now see the DLC pack “Fearless” listed when you compare trophies. Before you get too excited, the DLC adds only 1 trophy and its for doing Nariko’s level 3 super on the stage. Sadly nothing was listed for Kat or Emmett, though they look to be part of Fearless, since the listing says “First Expansion Pack”. I guess we will find out when it releases on February 12 2013.



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