Ni No Kuni Wizard Edition selling at ridiculously high price

Ni No Kuni Wizard Edition selling at ridiculously high price

Remember how the first Bioshock’s Limited Edition was so rare that people put it up on Ebay at ridiculously high amount? Well, Ni No Kuni Wizard Edition is experiencing the same thing, with the product becoming very limited and Namco is having trouble meeting demands. People are taking advantage and selling their own copy for more than twice its price.

If you are very eager to snag that very limited Wizard Edition of Ni No Kuni, your last chance to get it is through sites like eBay. Originally priced at $99.99, the people on eBay who are buying and bidding on the product are spending almost three times its price. As of this writing, the Wizard Edition is currently selling around $250-$400. Some people have bundled it to inflate the price in a big amount.

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Mark Fajardo

Mark Fajardo is the Editor-in-Chief of Just Push Start, which means he's somewhat the big boss around here.
  • THIS is why i hate extremely limited editions. The people who truly want to play it, are forced to pay out their ass for it. While someone else is reaping the rewards.

    I’ve got mine in transit. And guess what i’m doing with it? KEEPING IT! Even though i already bought a copy of the game on tuesday!

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