Star Citizen Developer Reveals More About Smashed Stretch Goals And Any Unsuccessful Ones

Star Citizen Developer Reveals More About Smashed Stretch Goals And Any Unsuccessful Ones

Chris Roberts the man at the helm of the crowd funded space sim Star Citizen has recently revealed what will happen if the $4 million stretch goal mark isn’t quite reached, as well as giving some more insight into the successful $3.5 million customisation stretch goal.

Firstly, Roberts revealed that the majority of the customisation items will be client side, in the pilots cockpit, to cut down on load times especially for the online universe. There will be the selection of “unique flare items” such as bobbleheads and dinosaurs that were mentioned but Roberts went onto mention that currently they plan on allowing players to upload a small image file to put into a picture frame in their craft.

In terms on the outside of the crafts Roberts commented to keep the loading times down there would most likely only be a range of pre-made posters to tag the outside of the ship with; giving the pin ups that were painted on World War 2 aircraft as an example of what to expect.

Roberts then confirmed what many hoped to be true that the stretch goals are only there to determine what makes the launch of the title and not the full game. When asked on the topic he simply responded “the [stretch goal] content will definitely be there later on” even if the $4 million mark isn’t reached. Roberts added that with the money from the stretch goals he can take the “picture of what I want to deliver” and make sure that “I can get more in from the beginning”.

So a lot of awesome content is planned for what already looks like an amazing title. Check back with Just Push Start as soon we will be posting up the interview with Chris where he takes about after combat situations, save points, NPCs, carrier battles and much more!

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