SuperBot Talks Possibility Of Crash Bandicoot In PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale

In an interview with Gamespot at the EB Expo in Australia, SuperBot’s Omar Kendall talked about the possibility of Crash Bandicoot being in PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale.

Here’s what he said:

“We obviously know at SuperBot and at Sony how important various characters are to the game, Crash Bandicoot in particular. We got this question at San Diego Comic Con and my president, Chan Park, gave a very good answer: ‘It takes two to tangle’. We know the fans want Crash. We want Crash. Crash is not owned by Sony. So it is a negotiation between Sony and the IP holders for all of the characters that exist in the game. We’re very interested in making that happen but it’s not for free. I do want the fans out there to know that obviously we recognized the interest in Crash and characters like Crash.”

Currently, Crash Bandicoot is owned by Activision. There are other non-Sony characters in the game such as Big Daddy from BioShock and Heihachi from the Tekken series. By the sounds of that, it appears as if Activision may be asking a high price for Sony to use Crash Bandicoot in the game.

Talking about DLC, he said if fans support the game enough, there will definitely be DLC for the game. So far, it has been confirmed the game will launch with 20 characters.

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