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Good: Three Storylines, Improved Visuals and Presentation, Skill Customization, Co-Op Gameplay, Mercenaries & Agent Hunter Mode
Bad: Camera Issues, Lack of Maps in Mercenaries Mode, More Aimed at Shooter Fans
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Over the years, many fans of the Resident Evil series have missed the original games that expertly portrayed horror. Following the release of the three Resident Evil games on the original PlayStation, the way the game tackled its gameplay was changed with the fourth and fifth entries, turning it to more of an action-oriented game rather than survival-horror. With Resident Evil 4 and 5 implementing action-type gameplay and a co-op feature, many hardcore fans were disappointed as they felt they didn’t truly represent what a Resident Evil game should be like.

With the release of Resident Evil 6, fans have become hopeful once again, wishing that Capcom will bring back the original horror, which was filled with zombies and spooky surprises instead of action. Has Capcom done it right this time, especially with three storylines that players will get to play? Let’s take a look at what’s HOT and what’s NOT in our review of Resident Evil 6.


Three Storylines; All are Different
For the first time, three of the major characters in the Resident Evil series will be featured in one game. In Resident Evil 6, you will get to play as Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Sherry Birkin and their new respective partners in three story arcs that tell a tale where each of them will intertwine with one another at some point while keeping a different goal in mind.

Fans who have longed to see Zombies once again with a similar feel of previous Resident Evil titles will feel right at home playing as Leon Kennedy. Out of the three story arcs, Leon Kennedy has the best campaign, mainly because it incorporates all of the good things from past Resident Evil titles; survival horror and great use of co-op. Starting off with the death of the US president, Leon and his partner Helena are on a mission to find out who is involved in the breakout of the C-Virus that turns people into flesh-eating zombies. As with all Resident Evil titles, interesting plot twists will be uncovered and with zombies coming back in Leon’s chapter, expect to feel that spine-tingling sensation again, as fans will be happy to know that Capcom brought back the original horror in Resident Evil 6 with Leon’s story arc.

With Chris Redfield, you will take on the role of a BSAA operative, where he is now the captain. Compared to Leon’s take on the survival-horror aspect in his campaign, Chris’ campaign plays more like an action-type shooter. From beginning to the end, you will spend time shooting J’avo, a new type of enemy that comes from a different strain of the C-Virus. Story-wise, it’s not as interesting as Leon’s, but you will experience the emotional side of Chris as his partner Piers helps him cope up with his troubled past. Similar to Leon’s campaign, there will be secrets brought into the light that will interest fans.

Lastly, you will get to play as Sherry Birkin and her partner Jake Muller. In Sherry and Jake’s campaign, Sherry’s mission is to bring Jake safely to the United States since his blood contains a cure of the C-Virus strain. Just like Chris’ campaign, Sherry and Jake’s campaign is more focused on action in comparison to Leon’s survival horror vibe. Expect Sherry and Jake to blast through J’avos and B.O.W.s that will stop at nothing to prevent the duo from curing the C-Virus through the use of Jake’s blood.

Improved Visuals and Presentation
Back when Capcom released the demo for those who purchased Dragon’s Dogma, many got the impression that the visuals were horrible, as it was plagued with screen tearing issues and slight frame rate drops. In the final retail copy, all of those are gone, making the cutscenes and gameplay seamlessly stream without any hiccups. The visuals in Resident Evil 6 have also been improved compared to the fifth game. The cinematic cutscenes are solid and those viewing it will feel like they’re watching a movie. The character models are sharp and environments are detailed enough for everyone to get the feel of its horrific atmosphere. Furthermore, the soundtrack that develops the eerie atmosphere is there and it comes in at the perfect moments.

Skill Customization
Instead of upgrading weapons where you spend skill points that you get from killing the enemies in the game, you will now have to buy skills from the Skill Shop in the main menu. Similar to the offerings of Resident Evil 5 where you get skills from killing downed enemies or finding artifacts that carry a huge amount of skills, you are allowed to purchase skills that can make your character more durable and stronger. Skills such as increasing the defense or weapon damage will be available at the shop for purchase and only up to three can be equipped.

Co-Op Gameplay
One of the best additions to the Resident Evil series came in the last entry: co-op gameplay. In Resident Evil 6, co-op returns and has been improved even more by having a drop in and out feature. Through the lobby system, where everything is made easy, players can search through quick matches or customize their search. You can filter search results through various different settings such as turning on and off the infinite ammo. As for the stability of the online co-op, everything is smooth and I experienced no lag during several team-ups with other people. In addition to online co-op, the game also offers a split-screen co-op, allowing up to two players to play the game on one screen in both the campaign and Mercenaries mode.

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