Gioteck Unveils The RC-5 Gaming Chair: Specs And Price Announced

Just Push Start is able to unveil the first part of Gioteck’s new gaming peripherals range, the RC-5 Gaming Chair. With the tag line of “Game In Luxury” you can find out all the information you need about the rather stunning gaming chair below; with a comprehensive description, features listed, a release window and a price all included. Here is what Gioteck had to say about their upcoming luxury gaming chair:

Gone are the days of bad backs and aching arms after the longest of gaming sessions. Gaming chairs are becoming an important necessity in every gamer’s setup, regardless of the chosen platform and game. Gamer’s want to sit in comfort and be physically supported throughout the longest of gaming marathons, regardless of the game they’re playing.

This is why Gioteck are set to launch their new gaming chair, due to feature some of the most sought after peripheral features for an optimum gaming experience. Q4 not only brings a great deal of exciting accessories and peripherals releases, but also a number of games set to blow the Christmas gaming charts apart. Whether you’re a first person shooter or a hardcore racer, developers and designers have the perfect combination of gaming products ready to keep you entertained through the winter months and beyond.

The RC-5 – A New Type of Gaming Chair

The RC-5 gaming chair comes packed full of features which are set to create the most immersive gaming experience ever. Striving for both comfort and innovative technology, the RC-5 is a multi-platform chair both looking and feeling like an integral part of your personal setup.


Striking design combined with next-generation features makes the RC-5 an essential purchase this year. A sleek black leather finish with stylish red trim is both attractive and comfortable offering both serious and casual gamer’s stability throughout their gameplay.


The RC-5 features some of the latest essential peripheral features at an affordable price. Rumble feedback accompanied with an exceptional 2.0 stereo system and subwoofer provides an immersive surround sound experience not only when gaming, but also when listening to music, watching films or tuning into TV.


The RC-5 folds away making it easy to store away or transport. Take it over to your mate’s house for the ultimate gaming marathon in premium comfort. An optional pedestal is also included, complete with a 15 degree backwards tilt for easy adjustment and perfect positioning.

The RC-5 gaming chair is available in 2013 from the official Gioteck online store for around £199.99. The perfect addition to a new year of gaming, the RC-5 is the perfect addition for both serious and casual gamers to be entertained in comfort.

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Oliver East

UK Editor + Full Time Gamer

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  1. Dave P
    February 1, 2014, 8:28 PM

    Brought this chair recently and I have to say that so far it has been fantastic and added another dimension to gaming.
    The chair can be put together and set up and connected very easily. I have connected mine from my TV via the PS3 and I can’t believe the difference that it has made.
    Using the chair with Gran Turismo 6 and a DFGT steering wheel makes the whole experience a comlpetely new one.
    The seating height and position is just right and the chair is nice and supportive and not too soft and spongy. I have used the chair for an extended period and found it to be comfortable enough, leaving me with no back aches or pains.
    Two rear speakers are mounted in the seat just below the headrest. Although compared to my home AV system they are not a match, they do however sound surprisingly clear and effective during gameplay with sound effects whizzing around your ears.
    The built in subwoofer provides some decent bass and also a great rumble effect that reacts with the game. So for instance, driving over a rumble strip on the apex of a corner in GT6 allows you to feel the edge of the track as well as bumps and dips in the road and shunts from other drivers. The rumble effect can be turned on or off and the bass can be turned up or down to heighten the effect of the rumble. With the force feedback between this chair and the DFGT wheel I can honestly say that the overall effect is amazing, and the most realistic driving experience that i have had outside of a car. It really gets the adrenaline pumping particularly in the heat of a tight race and gives you that feeling of actually being there that you just don’t get with using a bog standard controller and a couch. You actually get the sensation of the tyres starting to let go of the road when pushing too hard and regaining their grip when you ease off the gas. Brilliant!!!! I turned off the chair and raced again and the experience felt completely different.
    The effect with the chair is great with other games too, not just driving games. it’s comfort and sound, bass and rumble effect bring out an extra dimension in all of the games that i have used it with. Hearing and feeling explosions and shots in MW3 is another great experience as is Grand Theft Auto 5.
    All of the connections and controls are on a panel on the right hand side of the seat. The buttons and controls seem adequate and conveniently positioned if a little cheap feeling however in my oppinion.One of the volume buttons doesn’t quite make contact properly when pressed and I have to depress it and repress it a couple of times on occasions. That is my only gripe with it so far and I hope that it’s not going to become a problem or get any worse or spread to the other buttons over time.
    There is an adjustment knob underneath the seat which can tilt the chair backwards but i have found the normal position to be just right for me so have not felt the need to move it, but it’s nice to have the flexibility there if needed. The overall quality appears to be very good. The chair is quite heavy and fairly large. Almost arm chair like in size, although still quite sleek and nicely styled with it’s black leather effect cover and padded cushion and red trim which gives it a quality look and feel. The chair can be used without the pedestal base if desired but you then lose the adjustment option as well as the swivel and tilt movement.
    So in summery this is a great gaming chair that will appeal to all gamers alike but will be of particular interest to players of driving games and sim racers. To buy a rig with the sound, sub woofer and a Butt kicker rumble set up fitted to a chair can set you back a fortune. This chair basically has it all in one comfortable sleek package all at a very affordable price.
    I can’t recomend this chair highly enough. If you are considering buying a gaming chair or want to build a driving sim rig for a fantastic price then give this one a try. You won;t be disapointed. With it’s sound, bass, rumble, adjustment capabilities and connectivity it is definitely a versatile and attractive product.
    This really does bring another dimension to gaming, listening to music and even watching movies.
    !0 out of 10. GO GET ONE!!!!!!

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