Borderlands 2 Hidden Badass Challenges Revealed

For the past couple of days, a number of users have completed level 1 of every badass challenge, only to find out it didn’t unlock the trophy / achievement. This sparked rumors of it being glitched or being poorly explained, but it turns out there are a number of unlockable  challenges to get.

The following list was posted by Rated-G and includes every hidden challenges, plus how to get them.

• Vehicle challenges (which unlock after visiting maps/progressing through missions. A player must have visited Three Horns and also gained access to the Bandit Technical during Episode 6: Dam Fine Rescue for this category of challenges to be accessible)
• Creature Challenges for killing specific types of enemies (only appear after you’ve killed a number of each type of enemy in the game)
• Completing ranks of the “No Scope, No Problem” challenge are required to unlock the “Surprise!” challenge
• Completing ranks of the “Open Wide!” challenge are required to unlock the “Shotgun Sniper” challenge
• Completing ranks of the “Splish Splash” challenge are required to unlock the “Catch a Rocket” challenge

For those looking for a complete list, you can use the video below to compare your lists.

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