Sony Reveals God of War Omega Edition

Sony Reveals God of War Omega Edition

If you’re excited about the upcoming God of War: Ascension but never got a chance to play its predecessors, now is your chance as Sony has announced the God of War Omega Edition.

The awesome looking collection includes God of War Collections Volume I & II as well as a copy of God of War III. That’s five awesome action games in one neat collection. All of the games are stored inside of a steelbook with coll artwork. Not to mention you will also receive a bronze statue of Kratos too.

The Omega Edition is set to be released November 2012. A price has not been set yet.

Source: Playfront

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  • Penny B

    You guys really really really need to start getting your facts straight. I don’t even understand how you function as a site.

    For starters, you could at the very least mention the fact that this is exclusive to Latin/Central America only. It’s not that hard to find something like this out, especially for a site like JPS that just copy/pastes it’s news from other sites anyways. Just go to one of those sites you get all your stories from, and get the information right.

    JPS seems to have such a problem with not verifying info before they post it. You consider items that are leaked and rumored to be confirmed by these companies. Have you wondered why your most popular articles are for contests, and the rest receive minimal comments? It’s because most of your news is horrendous.

    Also: can someone please recommend to your site owner Mark that he really should consider grammar/spelling lessons. On an internet forum, these things don’t matter, but when you’re trying to run a site, you should really be setting an example for the rest of your staff. It’s a problem when the guy who created your site is also your worst writer.

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