E3 2012: Five Titles the PS Vita Needs

E3 2012: Five Titles the PS Vita Needs

The E3 2012 Sony Press Conference kicks of tomorrow night and we will be seeing what the second wave of Vita titles have in store for us. So far, the Vita hasn’t been having the best of luck with the titles that have been released. The launch titles were a bit of a letdown and Resistance: Burning Skies was a bit of a letdown for those who were looking forward to a good first person shooter on their hand-held.

I have set up a list of 5 titles that I believe could breathe new life into the Vita as well as reasons why they could do well. Most of these are rumors while others are bound to happen sooner or later.

1. Rumored Ghost Recon Vita Title
A few days back it was rumored that Assassin’s Creed 3 would grace the Playstation Vita, but no formal announcements were made. Yesterday we received word that the AC title was not Assassin’s Creed 3, but Assassin’s Creed: Legacy instead. This leaves the door wide open for another Ubisoft franchise to make its way to the handheld: Ghost Recon.

Can you imagine a scaled-down version of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier or Advanced Warfighter that you can take with you on the road? Throw in some form of cooperative mode like we see in GRFS or an online competitive mode and you have the base for an excellent third person shooter that you can take with you anywhere. You can even use NEAR to share things like customized weapons.

2. Medal of Honor
Just the other day, we reported that French retailer CDiscount posted a listing that said Medal of Honor: Warfighter would be coming to the Playstaion Vita. While this is not an official announcement from EA by any means, we can hope that it will be announced tomorrow at Ubisoft’s Press Conference.

A Medal of Honor title on the Playstation Vita could be the FPS that everyone has bee waiting for. If the title is made by EA and Danger Close and not handed off to someone else, then we could count on the game being better than if it were handed off to some developer who had no idea what they were doing with the franchise. Once again, throw in a cooperative or competitive mode and you have a recipe for a great shooter that sounds good on paper.

3. Grand Theft Auto
We all have seen what Rockstar can do wit the Grand Theft Auto series on the PSP. They released Liberty City Stories and Chinatown Wars on the PSP and both of those games managed to be fun and fit the grand scale of the series into that tiny little console. With the power of the Vita, they could take those games and juice them up ten fold to create an even better experience.

Imagine being able to drive around San Andreas or Vice City wreaking havoc but not having to be tied to a console in front of a TV to do so. This could be a game that you could get hours of enjoyment out of on the go if it is made correctly. I for one would be interested in seeing how Rockstar would implement the different features the Vita has to offer. Who knows, maybe E3 2012 will have something to show us…

4. God of War
While this game isn’t even so much as rumored, it would not be far fetched to think that a God of War game will eventually arrive on the Playstation Vita. God of War is a Sony franchise and it did see two successful releases on the PSP. With the new title Ascension on the rise, perhaps we will see a Vita adaption or a new title entirely.

I am definitely excited to see what different things Kratos would be able to pull off using the Vita’s different features. No doubt the touch screen could be used in some twisted mini-game to tear his foes a new one. It really wouldn’t even have to be Kratos as a main character. I could settle for seeing a story that possibly revolved around Deimos.

5. Call of Duty Vita Title
There have been rumors that a Call of Duty title may be in the works for the Playstation Vita. This can be good news or it can be very bad news. It would be bad news if the game turned out just like the other hand-held versions of the Call of Duty series and good news if they actually put a console worthy Call of Duty experience onto Sony’s hand-held.

If the game is released on the Vita then you can safely assume that it will receive plenty of attention in the multiplayer aspect. Players may finally have the online FPS experience they have always wanted on a hand-held if the devs can do it right.

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Richard Subia

  • Pieman280

    A COD or MOH game would be decent, but I honestly didn’t buy the vita just to get more of the same shooters. I really hope we get more unique and stunning games onto the vita than just more casual military shooters that give us 4-6 hours of story, and the rest is just multiplayer grinding. I want something a bit more to take with me. This is why I continue to hope the upcoming Killzone game for the vita will continue to keep the series tradition of impressing me.

    GTA, or any type of big open sandbox game would be great. Plenty to do, plenty of new feature opportunities, and something that I would surely buy on the portable. As for God of war, that’s not often my style, but it wouldn’t hurt.

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  • Geddyboy

    you have no idea what you are talking about, its not assassins creed legacy its ac liberation, secondly there was a leak also on CDiscount of a ghost recon vita game named final mission which is all speculation at the moment, thirdly why would medal of honor be announced at the Ubisoft press conference when it is an EA title? Lastly there isnt a maybe of whether call of duty is coming to the vita, it is plain and simple it was officially announced before the release of the vita and reconfirmed a few months ago. do not write anymore articles unless you know what youre talking about

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  • GettinIT

    I agree that games we’ve seen before (call of duty, medal of honor, god of war, etc) isnt what i really want, and im positive that many people feel thay way, but what i do want is more people buying the vita so more and more games made for it are original and fun. Gotta crawl before you walk.

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  • Flame

    Well That Is really Your personal list . I tend to agrée with the other and I would even say COME ON that much shooter on your top 5 that what you want to play on vita? Then play pc game man there got TON OF FPS. if I buy a Japanese brand console I would expect some fun and fresh game. I would love some rpg game( ninokuni, dragon quest , ff , tales of , Y’s,new franchise) some resident evil, a last of us port from ps3 . A good platformer like Ratchet and clank.I would love a mod nation racer 2 which is better developed ( good Framerate , more polish and an online mode).a castlevalia in fact anything except call of duty, battlefield etc etcetc. if I would choose onefps well I will take bioshock.

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  • wat

    “Imagine being able to drive around San Andreas or Vice City wreaking havoc but not having to be tied to a console in front of a TV to do so”

    Do you have something against vice city stories?

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