Resistance: Burning Skies Trophy List Unveiled

As we get closer to Resistance: Burning Skies release, it’s too hard to contain the excitement. Many trophy hunters are wondering what challenges await them and how difficult the platinum will be.

Today, SCEA released a somewhat complete trophy list for Burning Skies. There a total of 25 trophies available, but only twenty were revealed by Sony as five are spoilers.

Here is the complete trophy list. Don’t forget to check back with us near the release date for our review.


Trophy Name Rank Description
Platinum Platinum Earn all trophies
Staten Island Bronze Successfully complete level 1
Hidden Trophy Gold
Upgrade Bronze Upgrade a weapon in Single Player Campaign
Combine Silver Upgrade both slots in Single Player Campaign
Customize Gold Upgrade all weapons in Single Player Campaign
Indiscriminate Bronze Kill an enemy with every weapon in the Single Player Campaign
Variety Bronze Use the Secondary Fire of each weapon in the Single Player Campaign
Dangerous Bronze Kill 250 Chimera in the Single Player Campaign
Deadly Silver Kill 500 Chimera in the Single Player Campaign
Lethal Gold Kill 1000 Chimera in the Single Player Campaign
Axed Silver Kill 50 Chimera with Riley’s Axe in the Single Player Campaign
Overheat Silver Kill 50 Chimera by detonating their heat stacks in the Single Player Campaign
Boom Silver Kill 100 Chimera with headshots in the Single Player Campaign
Impaled Silver Kill an Impaler
Executed Silver Kill an Executioner
Giant Gold Kill any combination of 18 Impalers or Executioners
Hidden Trophy Gold
Hidden Trophy Gold
Incite Gold Complete one round of Multiplayer

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