Limited Edition Call Of Duty MW3 Playstation 3 Bundle Coming Soon

Sony has announced today that they will be partnering with Activision to create a new bundle for the shooter fans out there. The newly announced bundle will include a Playstation 3 slim, that includes a 320GB hard drive and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

The “limited edition” does not feature an exclusively designed MW3 design for the console itself, nor the controller. At the very least, this could have been a great opportunity for Sony to show off their urban camo Dualshock 3 controller, possibly with a similar design for the console.¬†Aside from the box design, there is no real difference between this bundle vs simply buying a 320GB PS3 and a copy of Modern Warfare 3, except for the price.

The bundle currently without an official date of release is planned to be only $299 when it does release. For those interested in this bundle, keep an eye out as it will be coming soon. While this bundle is great for those who have been wanting to pick up a Playstation 3 and MW3, it certainly isn’t custom like the Modern Warfare 3 bundle for the Xbox 360 that launched alongside release of the game last year, so be aware of such.

Source: Playstation Blog

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Cameron Morawski

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  1. Robyn
    May 10, 2012, 3:35 PM

    What’s the fucking point? Gosh that’s retarded…..MW3 isn’t even the hot thing anymore! It’s Blops2.
    No wonder Sony hasn’t gotten me to buy their shitty game system xD!!

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