Dragon’s Dogma Guide – Pawns (Followers) Explained

Dragon’s Dogma is a hard game, thus venturing alone in the vast world of Gransys will be troublesome. Instead of having a player join your party and co-op the quests within the game, Capcom instead implemented a new system where you can recruit followers, also known as Pawns.

Pawns is what you’ll mostly rely on when it comes to tackling tough bosses and quests that requires numbers in strength. Within the game, there are a plethora of ways to recruit a Pawn and in order to have one in your team, you must be connected online. Wherever you go, you will encounter a wandering Pawn that will always be available, while most of them will join for free, others will require a Rift Crystal points. Another way to recruit pawns will be through the Rift Stone that is scattered throughout towns. At the beginning of the game, you are joined by one Pawn and you saw that they came from the Rift Stone. Approaching the Rift Stone will bring you to the otherworld where you can see other players’ pawn that you can recruit.

At first, understanding Pawns is confusing but we did break down the important concept that you need to know. Here are the things that you should remember with the Pawns in Dragon’s Dogma.

Things to Remember:

– Depending on the level and experience of the Pawn that you see in the rift world or somewhere in Gransys, you will have to spend Rift Crystals.

– The pawns that you recruit can die. Whenever they go down while helping you fight enemies, immediately help them to get back them back on their feet. If the recruited pawn you get from the rift dies, they’ll go back to their own world.

– Sleeping at the Inn lets you save the data and statistics of your Pawn for other players to use. Also, sleeping at the Inn lets you know if someone used your Pawn online and if they did, you’ll get rift crystals in exchange of other players using your Pawn.

– Pawns are customizable like your main hero. I highly suggest that you fully customize your pawn when it comes to weapons, skills, etc. The people that will recruit your Pawn from the rift world will appreciate that and will most likely pick your Pawn.

– When in the Rift World, you can search the pawn that you like. Simply go to the Rift Stone, click SEARCH, and filter the search results to fit your needs.

– Within Dragon’s Dogma, the Pawn that you recruit or your personalized Pawn itself will be controlled by the AI. While that may sound bad, there are smart ones and will listen to what your directions. Pressing the D-Pad button will give them a signal whether you need help or not.

– Make a balanced team. If you are a fighter, make sure that you recruit a pawn that is either a Strider or a Mage. Always keep your team have different classes as each of them has advantages.

– You can teach the pawn that you’ve created on how to react in battle. Based on what you taught them, they’ll bring that strategy to the otherworld if they are recruited by someone.

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