What Game Have Players Gotten Platinum On More Than Any?

Of all the games out there that PSN Hunters have desperately tried to grab platinum on, which game has been platinum’d most frequently?

Well if the above image didn’t already spoil it, the answer is Assassin’s Creed II.

For context, or even just Xbox 360 owners, platinum trophies are notoriously difficult to get. So if you plan on picking a PS3 up any time soon and showing some real gamer cred, maybe keep your eyes peeled for Assassin’s Creed 2.

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Wil Taylor

My name is Wil Taylor, an ex-rabid Nintendo fanboy until only a few years ago, a crazy man in a crazy hat showed me that games could be much more than Mario. I buckled up tight and gripped my respective controllers and decided that I was going to come up along-side the new wave of gaming and focus on the interactive mediums. Because seriously, how often does humanity discover an entirely new medium for art? Also, blowing up things is neat too. My favorite games are Bastion, Portal, BlazBlue, Street Fighter, Super Meat Boy and Saints Row.

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