Mass Effect 3 N7 Challenge Weekend Starts Today; Earn Prizes!

Mass Effect 3 N7 Challenge Weekend Starts Today; Earn Prizes!

Those who loves playing the multiplayer portion of Mass Effect 3, Bioware will be hosting its first N7 Challenge Weekend starting today from 5PM PST through Monday, 5AM PST.

By playing through a certain challenge online, players will unlock one Commendation Pack. Here are the complete details:

– Any player who is part of a squad that beats the Reaper faction on Silver difficulty or better will unlock one Commendation Pack. This means that at least one member of the squad must be extracted at the end of the mission – this will earn all squad members the reward. Each player can earn a maximum of one pack and each pack contains a random N7 Arsenal Weapon. Originally only available as single-player weapons via the N7 Collector’s Edition, these multiplayer variants will be exceptionally rare and are NOT obtainable through regular purchasable Reinforcement Packs. The Commendation Packs will contain one of the following guns at random: (1) N7 Crusader Shotgun, (2) N7 Eagle Pistol, (3) N7 Hurricane SMG and (4) N7 Valiant Sniper Rifle.

– Destroy as many brutes as possible – if the multiplayer community kills a combined 1 MILLION brutes within the hours of the challenge, ALL players will receive a Victory Pack as a reward.

Those who will be getting the following pack will have their things unlocked on Tuesday, March 20th. The player has one week to redeem those as it will expire. The following N7 Challenge Weekend only applies for Xbox 360 and PC owners.

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