Assassin’s Creed 3 Information Blowout

Assassin’s Creed 3 Information Blowout

Just Push Star was fortunate enough to be invited along to the unveiling of Assassin’s Creed III last week in London. If you haven’t read about the demo we witnessed it is well worth a read, as it is full of more detailed events of what was on show. However here is all the basic information you need to know about Assassin’s Creed 3 and a lot more.

First of all some of the basics about the game itself.

–          The game spans the time period of the American Revolution between the years of 1753 to 1783.

–          There is a weather system featuring snow, rain, fog and sun.

–          The main character is named Connor.

–          The game is split into three areas; Boston, New York and the Frontier.

–          30% of the game is set in the Frontier region which is the forest area

–          Every tree and rock in the Frontier is climbable

–          Players will see the siege of New York

–          Climbing has been resigned with real rock climbers used to design rock formations so they are realistically climbable

–          The Frontier will be approximately 1.5 times the size of Rome from Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

–          Players will meet historical figures such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Gilbert Du Motier De Lafayette and Charles Lee; although when and exactly how Connor will interact with them was not disclosed.

Details of the world

–          There are multiple types of animals in the game including; wolves, bears, deer and dogs. There are at least two breeds of dog in the game.

–          Bushes located around the game, mostly in the Frontier zone, can be used to silently and stealthily move through

–          Small camps are dotted around the Frontier

The Weather Effects

–          Deep snow will snow Connor

–          Tracks will be left in the snow in the form of footprints and blood

–          Ice will reduce movement possible in combat

–          Large snow piles will replace carts of straw in the winter periods

–          While it is raining muskets cannot be fired

–          Sections of the game will appear wildly different in summer compared to the same area in winter

Details on Connor

–          Connor has both British and Native American heritage.

–          In Ubisoft’s words Connor’s story is one “all about justice” unlike Ezio’s tale of revenge

–          His town was burnt down when he was young, who by is not yet known

Connor’s arsenal

–          Connor has dual pistols which are considered his noisy weapons

–          Bow and arrows for a stealthier mid ranged attack.

–          The classic Assassin’s hidden blade

–          A native American Tomahawk

–          Smoke bombs and dropping money to flee crowds return

–          Muskets can also be used

–          And a rope dart

Other interesting facts

–          The game has a rope dart which has Chinese origin. This was added in place of a so-called chain blade as the rope dart was a real world invention and they wanted to keep the game away from fantasy. The two weapons however are practically identical.

–          Skinning animals was designed prior to Red Dead Redemption’s launch despite similarities.

–          Connor originally scalped those who he assassinated although after researching the type of Native American the team had decided he would be they found they didn’t scalp people.

–          Players will be rewarded more for animal skins collected from clean kills, for example knife kills, than dirty kills, e.g. musket kills. The reason is that musket kills would put more holes in the animal skin, damaging the goods.

–          Muskets won’t be useable in the rain

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Oliver East

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  • Jon

    First to comment!
    This sounds awesome! So far…. Just kidding, I have absolutely no doubts that this game won’t be as good as displayed! Unlike other games where I would have at least one doubt about them because something was always off/missing…. But not in this game!
    EVERYTHING sounds perfect and well planned! Wouldn’t doubt it since they’ve been working on this for 3 years.
    I’ve never been more into a game, since Kindom Hearts 2!

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