Amazon is Accepting Returns for Dissatisfied Customers

Recently Mass Effect 3 has become a hot button topic. After being one of the most anticipated titles of the year, it quickly became among the ‘worst’, due to the ending. While every story must end at some point, fans of the series felt the game deserved a better end or at least more diverse endings.

Feeling so put off by the title, a few users decided to complain to Amazon. Being the amazing company that Amazon is, over telling people no, they’re actually offering returns of the title. If you’re in doubt, various users have posted that it is indeed true and that Amazon also did this for Biowares other title, Dragon Age II.

If you do go this route, make sure you understand it’s a RETURN and that you might not get a total refund. Also don’t forget to give Bioware time to actually “fix” the problems. Many people are jumping to conclusions, which is never good and might be a rash choice. Of course it might not make any difference in the end, but it’s always good to show some faith, especially in a series that brought so many joy.


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