Final Fantasy XIII-2: Three Hidden Useful Monster Crystals Uncovered

Along with the plethora monsters that players can recruit in the wild, there are a lot of hidden ones that are scattered throughout different time periods. These monsters are considered very rare and is only possible to recruit when Mog finds it!

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, there are three useful hidden monster crystals that contains a very rare monsters. Once they’re fully developed and maxed their skills, they can be a helpful ally in the party. Among of the seven monsters that are beneficial in the party is the Silver Chocobo and Chichu.

Here are the list of the monsters that are hidden within the cyrstals. Mog’s Moogle Throw is the only ability that players can use to uncover them.

Silver Chocobo

Location: Academia 4xx AF
How To: In order to get the Silver Chocobo, you must use Mog’s Moogle Throw underneath the holographic Cocoon inside the Academia Headquarter where Hope and Alyssa are. It’s recommended that you have Mog’s Manifestation Fragment Skill as it will increase the chances of getting it. Be patient when doing this as it will take a lot of tries.

Note: The Silver Chocobo will be very useful in winning Chocobo Racing in Serendipity. Max out the Crystarium chart and it will become a one useful Sentinel in the party.

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