The Five Most Satisfying Platinum Trophies

Every company seems to define “enough” differently. Some think simply trying everything out is enough and others expect you to get 25,000 kills. As a hunter, these two degrees come up quite often but very few games really get the job done right. The following list will showcase just some of the games I feel get it right on this level.


Demon Souls

At some point people started to believe games were being “dumbed down”. Where that point starts differs from person to person, but almost everyone agrees that games are easier. Despite this shift in the market, From Software brought us Demon Souls.

From the very instant you start, it’s clear that you’re in for an uphill battle and it might be wise to obtain everything. Naturally, simply beating each demon was an accomplishment in on its self. From here, almost every trophy was attached to a task that showcased more of the game to you.

Obtaining pure black world tendency wasn’t just for the masochist’s out there, but for anyone looking for the black phantom fights. Transversely, it forced the most “hardcore” players to play under easier settings for unique fights. Really with the exception of pure bladestone, the trophies reward gamers in more than one way.


Once in a while, weird games really shine and Borderlands did most things right. Almost everything revolves around the concept of you having fun. Since you can die endlessly there was no stress, plus playing with your friends was quite enjoyable. In the same light, the trophies basically expect you to see the full world. In all honesty, most gamers should get the platinum by just simply playing.


Catherine was a mixed bag for most gamers. Some found it overly difficult and others found it delightfully charming. However your quest to platinum is among the most rewarding in any game. Your journey starts by simply beating the game. Along the way, there were several events you could miss, but they all paid off.

For instance saving every customer added additional dialog and each ending had its own charm. It’s a shame some endings were simply extended versions, although I don’t regret watching them. After this, you must get gold on every stage. An extremely taxing event for some games, but with Catherine the levels were always the same. This basically meant it was based more off knowing what to do, than luck. Obtaining all the gold medals unlocked every challenge stage.

Each challenge stage had its own theme and style which made them interesting to play. Above all, they also required different skills to get to the top. Logically it is possible to find the first one harder than the third one or some other combination. Upon playing the fourth one you’re given a special cut scene. This scene explains some additional things, but really fuels your motivation to win. If you do win, you’re greeted with a unique ending. The same goes for Rapunzel which is more of a reward than any simply icon.


The world of Rapture was very interesting to explore. There were many places to see and more importantly, stories to tell. Among all of the tasks were curtained upon exploring the game to the max by simply killing everything. Even the most annoying tasks like the journals, seriously paid off as they added so much to the amazing story. By the time you hit the end, it really feels like you saw everything Rapture had to offer.

Spelunker HD

It’s no secret I think everyone should try this game. This is due to it doing everything right. I know the term “everything” might seem extreme, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a flaw.

Anyways, your journey starts with one of the most basic tasks out there; simply get to the end. However getting to the end is anything but simple. The Spelunker is an extremely weak fella. Just about everything has the potential to kill him, so you’re expected to tackle each task with precision. Naturally your only limit is how far you think ahead, because everything has at least one trick to complete.

All of the trophies do nothing, but coach you into the world of Spelunker. Every mural piece is a passport to a new challenge and every area has its own set of rules. So much like the Spelunker it feels like you’re having your own adventure. Everything about the game is centered around making it to the end your way.

The trophies simply push you along the path to become an “Expert Spelunker”. Come the end, you’re not just satisfied that you platinumed, but that you completed your journey till the very.

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