Nintendo 3DS Ambassador GBA Games Announced and Dated

You may recall that Nintendo had a shockingly fast price drop. This caused them to offer early adopters free games as part of an Ambassador program. The first set of NES games were given to us in early September, but the GBA games seemed to be lost. For a while it seemed like they wouldn’t even make good on their “before 2012”¬†promise. However today Japanese 3DS’s have been getting messages about those games. The message include what games you will get (see below) and their December 16th release date.

Included Games

  1. Made in Wario
  2. F-Zero for Game Boy Advance
  3. Zelda: The Minish Cap
  4. Mario vs Donkey Kong
  5. Fire Emblem Seima no Kouseki
  6. Mario Kart Advance
  7. Super Mario Advance 3
  8. Metroid Fusion
  9. Wario Land Advance
  10. Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

No word on the US front, but I suspect we will see messages about this later today.

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