Skyrim – The Different ‘Blessings’ That You Can Receive

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Across to the land of Skyrim, there will be times you’ll come across with different altars that gives you a specific blessings. These altars can be found in the temples, towns, dungeons or even on the outskirts of Skyrim.

When you approach and touch an altar, you’ll receive a blessing that boosts your skill’s parameters. In the eleven blessings that you can receive, only one will be in effect for an approximate of eight hours. Once the eight hours lapsed, you’ll have to go visit an altar again to re-gain that blessing.

The eleven kinds of Altars are all named from the different gods that protects Tamriel.


Blessing of Akatosh

– Magicka regenerates 10% faster
– Cure Disease

Blessing of Arkay

– Increases your health by 25 points
– Cure Disease

Blessing of Dibella

– Increase Speechcraft by 10 points
– Cure Disease

Blessing of Julianos

– Increase Magicka by 25 points
– Cure Disease

Blessing of Kynareth

– Increase Stamina by 25 points
– Cure Disease

Blessing of Mara

– Healing Spells restores 10% more
– Cure Disease

Blessing of Nocturnal

– Increase the Sneak ability by 10%
– Cure Disease

Blessing of Stendarr

– Block 10% more damage with your shield.
– Cure Disease

Blessing of Talos

– Time between shouts is reduced 20%.
– Cure Disease

Blessing of Zenithar

– Prices are 10% better
– Cure Disease

The Gift of Charity

– Increase speechcraft by 10 points in 3600 seconds

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