Skyrim – Sheogorath of Shivering Isle & the Lunatic Wabbajack (Daedra Artifact)

Skyrim – Sheogorath of Shivering Isle & the Lunatic Wabbajack (Daedra Artifact)

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The name Sheogorath should be quite familiar for anyone who played Oblivion’s Shivering Isle. For those who are wishing to see him once again, he’ll be making an appearance in Skyrim and give you a rare artifact of the Wabbajack.

You can call the Wabbajack as a strange weapon. When you use the Wabbajack to attack someone, crazy things can happen such as; turning the target invisible, instantly killing them, turning them into a rabbit, chicken, mudcrab, or anything out of ordinary. It can be used to just go crazy in Skyrim or when you get lucky, it can be an awesome weapon that instantly kills a target.

Does the Wabbajack sounds good to you? Then let’s search for the Wabbajack.

SHEOGRATH and the Wabbajack

– Go to Soltitude and between the Bard’s College and the Hall of the Dead, you should find Dervenin.
– Talk to Dernevin and ask him what’s wrong.
– He’ll tell you that his master abandoned him and doesn’t wanna see him anymore.
– He’ll also tell you that the last time he saw his master was in the Pelagius Wing inside the Blue Palace.

– Apparently, the Pelagius Wing is locked! You must get the key from someone inside the Blue Palace.
– Go to the Blue Palace and find Erdi, Falk Firebeard, or Urna
– Talk to either of them and get the key to enter the Pelagius Wing.

– With the key in your hand, head over to the Pelagius Wing, east of the Blue Palace.

– Inside the Pelagius Wing, head upstairs and go to the long hall.
– As you walk through the long hall, you’ll pass out and wake up in Pelagius’ Mind with Sheogorath.

– Listen to the conversation of Sheogorath and Pelagius. By listening to them, you’ll hear some references from Oblivion’s event.
– Talk to Sheogorath.

– Tell him that you want to deliver a message
– Unfortunately, he’s on a vacation.
– Now, you have to solve the nightmares of Pelagius using the Wabbajack to escape

From here on, you can do the following in any order:


– Zap the Anger using the Wabbajack two times until he’s the same size as Confidence.
– Anger will then summon two ethereal axes
– Zap at Confidence now until he becomes a regular sized man
– Once done, report to Sheogorath and go for the rest.

Night Terrors

– Zap Pelagius
– Wolf comes out, Zap it
– Wolf turns into Goat, Don’t Zap
– Zap Pelgaius, Bandit Chief comes out, Zap it.
– After zapping Bandit Chief, he turns into Little Pelagius
– Don’t Zap the little ones, zap the big Pelagius.
– Hargraven comes out, Zap it
– Hargraven turns into a Maiden
– Ignore the maiden but Zap Pelagius
– Zap the Flame Atronarch
– Zap Pelagius once more, and the final night terror appears, Zap it!
– Once done, go talk to Sheogorath and go for the last one.


– Zap the bodyguards of Pelagius and it will turn into wolves.
– Report back to Sheogorath.

Claim the Wabbajack

After solving the problem in Pelagius’s mind, go back to Sheogorath and he’ll let you keep the Wabbajack.
– Watch the little scene and you’ll be back in Pelagius Wing.

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  • John

    You get a hip bone because, supposedly, you need it to enter the place. But you dont. Does it serve any purpose?

    Also, Sheogorath isnt JUST in shivering isles on oblivion, he also has a quest for his shrine in oblivion which lets you get wabbajack on there.

    Also also fun fact, if you havent played shivering isles, the sheogorath on here is your charecter from oblivion.

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