Skyrim – Hermaeus Mora & the Mythical Tome of Oghma Infinium (Daedric Artifact)

– Moving to the blood gathering quest, here are some places where you might be able to find the following creatures:
(High Elf/ Wood Elf/ Dark Elf) – If you’ve done the Walking Nightmare quest, you’ll most likely have cleared the Nightcaller’s Temple. Inside that temple there should be a lot of Elves. If not, go back to an area that has a lot of Elves in it (preferably the ones that uses magic). Hob’s Fall Cave, Yngvild, etc.
(Falmer) – Back in Blackreach or Aftland
(Orc) – You will find an orc at every Fort.

Note: Don’t kill any NPCs. Get the blood of the enemies that you slain.

– Once you’ve gathered all of the bloods, go back to Septim. He will then open the contraption in his side that will reveal the tome.

– Take the book from the Pedestal.

– On your way out, you’ll meet Hermaeus once again. Decide whether you want to work for him or not. To this point, it doesn’t matter what you choose.


The book itself has a lot of knowledge that you can benefit from. If you open the book and read it, you have to choose from three following choices. Each of them will give you +5 to a specific skill.

Path of Might +5 in all skills of (Smithing, Block, Archery, One Handed Sword, Two Handed Sword, Heavy Armor)
Path of Shadow +5 in all skills of (Lockpicking, Light Armor, Sneak, Pickpocket, Speech, Alchemy)
Path of Magic +5 in all skills of (Illusion, Conjuration, Destruction, Restoration, Enchanting, and Alteration)

Expect to get 3 levels for using the tome.

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