Batman Arkham City – 12 Side Missions Guide

Batman Arkham City – 12 Side Missions Guide

Along with the lengthy campaign of Batman: Arkham City, there are 12 side missions in the game where you’ll be able to expand your Batman adventure and earn a lot of trophies or achievements by completing it.

In the twelve side missions, each of them becomes available after meeting certain criteria. Of course, we’ll tell you when would be the right time to take it!

Here’s our guide for the Side Missions of Arkham City. Please take note that these side missions are pretty straight forward as every step in completing it will be detailed on the mission screen. Simply just go to destination, and do the objective to finish it.


Fragile Alliance

Conditions: After suiting up as Batman
Objective: Destroy all six TITAN containers scattered throughout Arkham City.

Augmented Reality Training

Conditions: Before reaching the Steel Mill the first time. If not done, can be done at a much later part of the game.
Objective: Complete two groups of gliding exercises.
REWARD: Grapnel Boost Upgrade, Batwing Trophy

Identity Theft

Conditions: After the events at Penguin’s Museum.
Objective: Use Batman’s scanner to scan the evidence around three bodies and confront the killer.
REWARD: Hush Trophy

Through the Looking Glass

Conditions: Unlocks after rescuing Vicki Vale
Objective: Use the cute to help Batman.
REWARD: Mad Hatter and Mad Hatter Batman Trophies

Heart of Ice

Conditions: DO this side mission before going to the Steel Mill for the second time.
Objective: Find NORA
REWARD: Mister Freeze (Armored) Trophy

Watcher in the Wings

Conditions: Anytime really, just don’t do it near the end of the game.
Objective: Find Azrael several times in Arkham City
REWARD: Azrael Trophy

Shot in the Dark

Conditions: Finish the Steel Mill mission for the first time.
Objective: Find the deadly sniper.
REWARD: Deadshot Trophy

Cold Call Killer

Conditions: As soon as Batman can explore Arkham City freely
Objective: Catch Zsasz
REWARD: Zsasz Trophy

Enigma Conundrum

Conditions: Unlocks after receiving the distress call from the Medical Team.
Objective: Save the hostages from the Riddler.
REWARD: Riddler Trophy

Remote Hideaway

Conditions: After interrogating Mayor Sharp
Objective: Talk to the police offers in the Iceberg Lounge of the Penguin Museum.
REWARD: Mine Detonator Upgrade.

Arkham Assault

Conditions: Will just appear randomly on the map. Watch out for it!
Objective: Save the political prisoners in Arkham City
REWARD: Trophy / Achievement

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