Rugby Challenge Release Date Woes Continue

As we get closer to the Rugby World Cup in September, gamers around the world are still wondering when Rugby Challenge is releasing.

Posted on the official Facebook page for the game, Tru Blu games gave some insight that the game may not be released in time for the start of the Rugby World Cup 2011.

Here’s the full statement from Tru Blu Games:

Dear Rugby Challenge Fans,

We know there is some frustration and speculation on the release date for this title. We have invested an enormous amount of funds and effort in this title, and if we could have released it yesterday, we would have.

There are two general paths that can be taken when creating video games:

1) The release date and budget are set, and you work within these parameters to complete the game. The advantage is that everyone knows the release date. The drawback is that over a two year period it is easy to miscalculate your budget and time. This leads to a game that will likely fall short in features and quality; or
2) There is an estimation made for the release date/budget, and work on the project commences. The drawback is there is no set release date however, this option allows you to continue working on the game until you are satisfied that the product is of the highest standard.

Tru Blu Entertainment Pty. Ltd. have chosen the latter path and make no apology for the choice, as we believe this is the only way to produce a quality game.

Our initial intention was to create a great game featuring the great Jonah Lomu and release upon completion. There was no plan made to release prior to or during the World Cup. We later found out that we had a competitor and the race was on to release before them. We must apologise to our fans as we will not make this deadline, but we can assure you that the wait will not be much longer.

We are still on track to release before the end of Quarter 3, which is no later than the 30th of September.

Please be patient. Soon you will have the pleasure of playing the best rugby game ever.

Yours Truly,
Sebastian Giompaolo
MD, Tru Blu Entertainment Pty. Ltd

In short, the company is basically saying it doesn’t want to rush the game into stores. The company wants to wait until the game is of a high standard first before it releases the game to the public. It aims to release the game no later than September 30th.

The other Rugby game out this season already has a release date of August 26th. It will be interesting to see if eager Rugby gamers are forced to buy this game instead to please them during the Rugby World Cup 2011.

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Damian Antony Seeto

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