Bethesda Claims RAGE Runs Fine On PS3

There has recently been talk around the internet that the Playstation 3 version of RAGE is inferior to the other consoles due to the claims that the Blu-ray’s latent loading is turning it into a shoddy product. Bethesda made a claim that will hopefully put all of the worrying to rest.

“We also had RAGE running on PS3 in the press room [at QuakeCon] for folks to do their previews,” said marketing chief Pete Hines. “We are very pleased with the PS3 version of RAGE. One of the cornerstones of the new idTech5 technology is that all assets are identical across all platforms. The experience that players have will be the same on all three platforms.”

Knowing how the internet works, there will be constant arguing that one is always better than the other no matter how many times a company reassures the consumer. But for now, those of you looking forward to picking up RAGE in October on Sony’s console will be happy to know that it runs just as well as the other two.

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Richard Subia

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