Call of the Dead: Locating the Semtex Grenade

Surviving the waves of Zombies in Call of the Dead is a tough task especially when George Romero is there to annoy and follow players around. One of the ways to survive Call of the Dead is via the Semtex Grenades.

In Call of the Dead, there is a location where players can purchase a SEMTEX grenade. The Semtex Grenade is like a sticky grenade where players can kill up to five zombies at a time. The grenades are good in setting up a trap on the Zombies and killing multiples of them at the beginning of each wave. Some people prefers the SEMTEX grenade than the regular FRAGGS grenade. Remember that players will need at least 200 Points to buy them off the wall.

Now, let’s take a look on how to get the SEMTEX grenade.

SEMTEX Grenade

The SEMTEX grenade supply is located at a place where the Zipline is connected at the lighthouse.

From there, go further left from the Zipline and players will see the SEMTEX Grenade supply on the wall. Make sure that you have at least

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