GDC 11: Super Mario 3D Coming to the Nintendo 3DS, More on E3

Satoru Iwata revealed today that a Super Mario game for the Nintendo 3DS is coming, which was first hinted by Miyamoto last month.

The new Super Mario 3D is currently in development by the team behind Super Mario Galaxy. No further details were revealed as more will be coming when E3 starts this year. Before Iwata concluded his presentation about Mario, he asked everyone to note on the “tail” in the game’s logo. Could this be a remake of the Super Mario World 3?

Check back with us E3 week for more awesome news!

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Mark Fajardo

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  1. Kyle
    March 3, 2011, 2:57 PM

    lol there is no super mario world 3. i think you meant super mario bros 3.

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