Dragon Age 2: Recruit the Optional / Hidden Characters

In addition to the five main playable characters in Dragon Age II, except for Hawk, there are three more playable characters that are optional to recruit.

Isabella, Fenris, and Sebastian (The Exiled Prince DLC), are the three characters that can join your party. Each of them has its own unique abilities and for the most part, these three characters can be recruited by performing a certain quest in the mid-portion of the game.

Today, we will guide you through on how to get these characters. Please drop us a comment if you have any questions on our guide.


Requirements: Isabela can be recruited by doing the quest called, “Fool Rush In”. To activate that quest, you must first finish the main quest, “Tranquility”. If at some point in time you decided to take her out of your party, you can easily do so by letting her leave.

Companion Related Quest: Fools Rush In, To Catch a Thief, No Rest for the Wicked


Requirements: In the first act of the game, you must complete the quest, “A Bitter Pill”. After meeting Fenris for the first time, follow him to his Mansion and do a quest in the Free Marches to unlock the quest, “A Bitter Pill”.

Companion Related Quest: Bait & Switch, A Bitter Pill, Alone


Requirements: Sebastian can only be recruited if you have the Exiled Prince DLC. Simply do the “Duty” quest in Act I and “Repentance” in the other Act.

Companion Related Quest: Duty, Repentance, Quest

Please take note that by doing their companion quest, you are raising their affection with the main character

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