More PSP2 Rumours

The PSP2 has been a long standing rumour when it comes to handheld gaming and it seems more rumours have today been thrown into the mix. While the rumour of dual analog sticks which has been buzzing around the internet is certainly a possibility the new rumours aren’t quite so easy to believe.

A “source” told Kotaku that not only will the PSP2 completely ditch UMD format but it will be completely non-backwards compatible as well as the PlayStation Portable 2  will have the processing power to rival the Xbox 360.

Firstly losing the UMD disk format isn’t a big shock especially with the release of the PSPGo which is a completely digital download only handheld console, but the fact that no PSP titles would be playable on the PSP2 seems a rather market destroying move that I don’t think Sony would fall into. This being said they have previously done this with the PlayStation 3, unless you count the option to repurchase some games via the PSN Store.

The rumour is that the PSP2 has 1 GB of RAM to rival even a current generation console does sound a little ridiculous; even as rumours go it’s a fair stretch of the imagination to imagine it being true. This being said having a handheld capable of playing full HD titles practically the same as a usual console would be phenomenal.

Hopefully sooner rather than later Sony will finally show off the PSP2 and we will be able to split up the true from the fake rumours; as there is nothing worse than a product being announced and everyone being disappointed their favourite rumour wasn’t true.

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Oliver East

UK Editor + Full Time Gamer