New PS3 Model Now More Eco-Friendly

Sony has released a slightly new model of its PS3 today in Japan. The new PS3 “CECH-2500A” will have some of its benefit to the environment and saves the gamer more money from its energy consumed.

Here is a table of the slight differences in power consumption:

It may just be a slight difference in performance, but the less power is consumed the better it is for the environment I guess. Not to mention the power bill too.

New PS3 Model Now More Eco-Friendly, 10.0 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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Damian Antony Seeto

Game reviewer from New Zealand. Been writing since 2009.
  • REAL Gamer

    Ouch, the XBox still consumes 150W, even the slims. This may explain why they still break all the time.

    Microsoft and hardware are a lethal combination.

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