Dragon Quest IX: Easy Money (Gold) Hunting Guide

Having a lot of money in Dragon Quest IX is one of the step in being powerful in the game as money will give players an opportunity to buy a high powered gear.

Every time an enemy is defeated, a Gold will be awarded to the player. However, some enemies doesn’t give enough money after they are defeated. After finishing the game, a player can get tons of money but for those who are still playing through the story mode, there is a certain enemy that drops a lot of Golds.

After the defeating the Tyrantula in the Bad Cave, the player will venture in the Gleeba kingdom. The new continent that the player will be at is a desert and the enemies that drops a huge amount of Golds is the Gold Golem. This enemy is not hard to find at all. The Gold Golem will be on the on-screen map many times and the player can kill it as many times as they want.

When the player is near at the end of the game, there are a lot of options to gain tons of gold such as doing treasure hunting, fighting secret bosses, and a lot more. These things will be discussed later this week as our Dragon Quest IX coverage continues.

5 thoughts on “Dragon Quest IX: Easy Money (Gold) Hunting Guide

  1. the gold golem gives lots full of money, but after you get close so the end when you need better armor, and weapons it gets harder to find the gold golems cuz thay seem to get replaced by the giant frog monsters.(i dont know the names of stuff very well.)so start killing the gold golems as soon as you can or regret it near the end. (ps.dont be afrad to sell stuff you mite not need because it mite not be used for alcomey.)

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