Collecting the Parts for Leliana’s Battledress of the Provocateur Armor

As part of a reward in purchasing the Leliana’s Song downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins, players are given a chance to assemble the Battledress Armor for Leliana that can be used in both Origins and Awakening.

When all of the parts are collected before the final battle of Leliana, not only the players will be to acquire the Battledress of the Provocateur armor, it will also unlock a Trophy or Achievement. There are a total of six parts that needs to be collected. Make sure you get it before proceeding to the next area.

1. In the Denerim Market. Find the body that you are contracted to kill.

2. Inside the Arl Estate (the planting the documents mission), find the chest in one of the rooms inside the Estate.

3. In the room where you are required to plant the documents on the desk, check the locked chest first. Make sure you are able to lockpick it.

4. On the second time you return to the Arl Estate to take back the papers you planted, check a locked chest in one of the rooms before approaching the dining hall.

5. In the dungeons where Leliana, Sketch and Silas are planning to escape, search one of the chest to get the item.

6. Check the room of the Revered Mother.