E3 2010: Electrifying Details on Metal Gear Solid: Rising Revealed

Famistu has an exclusive interview today showcasing more details about the game and some new screens to go with them.

One of the differences in this game is that there are no rations used in this game. Since Raiden is is like a cyborg between the events of MGS2 and MGS4 he will be absorbing energy from his enemies.

As shown in the latest trailer Raiden’s katana can be used in more ways than just defeating your enemies. You can slice cars and pillars and according to Famistu you can even use this ability to create new weapons and tools.

Not much else has been said about anymore of the gameplay elements. But it is suggested some puzzle elements will be implemented to the game. If you decide to not kill your enemies you can crave yourself an alternate route or cut a pillar down to make a bridge.

That’s all the details shared. For now, check out the screens below.