E3 2010: Atlus’ Rock of Ages Coming Spring 2011

From the developers of Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition, ACE and Atlus partnered up once again to release Rock Of Ages this upcoming Spring 2011.

Rock of Ages is scheduled for Spring 2011 but it is currently unknown as to what platform this game will be at. The game will be released via digital distribution, meaning there’s no need for discs!

Below are more information on the game:

Two castles stand opposed, bridged by an uneven, narrow pathway. One is yours, and you’re quite fond of it. See how the parapets catch the sunlight ever so stylishly? The other is your enemy’s; they’re a jerk, and their crappy crenellations are driving down your property values. Also, their castle sucks, justification enough to try crush it using an enormous rolling stone. Unfortunately, they’ll have a chance to plan and build up some security, doing everything they can to derail your razing rock. Get through their defenses and you’re one step closer to crushing their unsightly tower (see also: their hopes and dreams). But don’t take your turn for granite. Once your turn is over, your opponent’s begins…

“A rock-solid combination of deep strategy, rock-rolling action, and captivating art and music from throughout history, Rock of Ages delivers incredibly satisfying castle-crashing gameplay with a look and feel that’s much more than a stone’s throw from the competition,” stated Aram Jabbari, Manager of PR and Sales at Atlus. “Truly, the satisfaction felt when successfully crushing your opponent’s intricate defenses with your gigantic siege stone, seeing their forces driven from before you and hearing the lamentation of their citizens, has no equal. Multiplayer support means you can compete against a friend. Will the end of the battle find you yelling ‘I rock,’ or will you be crying out ‘no moss’ instead?”

In addition to offering different terrains and challenges, your boulder will crash through different periods of classical art, introducing the player to a variety of authentic art styles and music from throughout much of human history. The panoply of visual and aural motifs adds distinction and sophistication to the act of pulverizing your enemies with colossal boulders and laying waste to their ancestral homes.