White Knight Chronicles 2 Carry Over List

The full list of things that carry over to White Knight Chronicles 2 has been revealed. Rejoice White Knight veterans!

We’ve reported earlier about some of the things that would be carried over to the sequel. Well, Sony has updated the official White Knight Chronicles 2 site today with the full details on what players can expect to transfer over.

  • Avatar External Appearance
  • Carry over name, gender and body form.
  • Level
  • Everyone starts from level 35 regardless of avatar.
  • Skills
  • Skills have been added and removed, so everything gets reset.
  • Georama
  • Your Georama level, Georama parts, scouted people and paid items can be used unchanged.
  • Guild Rank
  • Carry over rank only. Guild points become 0. White Knight 2 has a change in how Guild Points are tallied. With each rank, your guild points are reset to 0. In part 1, the guild points were accumulated.
  • Synthesis Rank
  • Carry over rank only. The synthesis recipes have been changed, so your recipe creation history is reset.
  • Gilda (currency)
  • There’s no upper limit
  • Equipment
  • Everything carries over, including the equipment that you got via product code that was included with the game’s EX edition. However, there are some ability adjustments.
  • Items, Materials, Etc.
  • Everything carries over, although some items may have ability adjustments. It should be noted that when you move your data over, all items are placed in storage, and if you cross the item count limit for storage, excess items will be destroyed.
  • Diary
  • Everything carries over.
  • System Data
  • No system data carries over.

Being able to carry over your avatar along with all of your equipment, items, and gilda is very cool and should be appreciated by the first game’s fans. Guild Rank is worthy of a special mention since it takes hours upon hours (hundreds of hours even at later Guild Ranks) to grind so having the ability to transfer your rank over is truly a relief. Personally, while I’m glad that I can transfer all these things, I’m hoping that they’ll tweak it so that there will be less or no Guild Rank grinding at all in the sequel. Having to play the same mission over and over again just to level up your Guild Rank is lame and is easily the most tedious aspect of the game’s online feature.

Those who have achieved the higher Guild Ranks will also be receiving certificates in the sequel. Players that have achieved the highly coveted Platinum Trophy for the first White Knight Chronicles will obtain either a Platinum Crown or Platinum Tiara depending on their avatar. I don’t expect to see much of those, however, as reports have indicated that it takes 1000+ hours to get the Platinum for the first game. Ouch.

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  1. Tom Ato
    May 20, 2010, 6:03 PM

    The first game was the best RPG of this entire generation. Lightyears ahead of western garbage like Mass Effect or Borderlands, i can’t wait for the sequel. Hopefully in the next game your created character will have a bigger role to play in the single player story.

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