Lost Planet 2: Secrets Exposed

In addition to the character skins that can be unlocked, there are more secrets that are yet to be revealed; it’s the titles that a character can get.

Similar in obtaining a character skins such as Frank West, a save file is required for anyone who wishes to unlock Capcom-related titles. The unlockable titles are requires Capcom games such as; Resident Evil 5, Super Street Fighter, Dead Rising and a lot more. In this mini-guide we made, we’re going to expose all of the possible secret titles for Lost Planet 2.


Legendary Warrior
(Requires Lost Planet game Save PS3/360)

Decorated Soldier
(Requires Lost Planet Colonies save 360)

I Love LP
(Have both Lost Planet / Colonies save on 360)

(Requires a Resident Evil 5 save)

Devil May Cry
(Requires a Devil May Cry 4 save)

I’ve Covered Wars
(Requires Dead Rising save 360)

Capcom Maniac
(Have at least three of the save files of any Capcom games)

Street Fighter
(Requires a Street Fighter IV save)

Played the Demo
(Play the Lost Planet 2 Online Battle Demo)

Lost Planet 2: Secrets Exposed, 8.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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