Alpha Protocol Trophy / Achievement Guide

Achieving 100% completion on the trophies or achievements for Alpha Protocol is not possible in one single play through.

Since there is more than one possible outcome to the game’s ending, it is highly recommended that players play the game at least twice. Acquiring trophies in Alpha Protocol is not very difficult, although they cannot all be acquired during one play through. However, knowing what is required for achieving the trophies / achievements will help.

Let’s take a look at the in-depth trophy / achievement guide for Alpha Protocol.


The following trophies and achievements unlock automatically.

Operation True Heir – 75G
Complete Operation True Heirs.

Operation Blood Feud – 75G
Complete Operation Blood Feud.

Operation Deus Vault – 75G
Complete Operation Deus Vault.

Alpha Protocol – 75G
Complete Operation Desert Spear.

Hardcore – 25G
Complete Alpha Protocol on Hard difficulty setting.
– When you start the game, choose the “Hard” difficulty. Once you pick the difficulty, you will never be able to change it.

Evolution of an Action Hero – 10G
Complete Alpha Protocol using the Recruit background.
– Choose the Recruit Background before starting the game. Upon choosing the Recruit Background, you will be able to unlock a new background, Veteran, after finishing the game.


The following trophies / achievements unlock depending on the choices you have made. A second play through is required for most of these.

Antisocial 10G
Get 3 people to hate you (who must all hate you at the same time).
– Always choose an option where the character will hate you.

Social Butterfly 10G
Gain Liked reputation status of 3 people (who must all Like you at the same time).
– Always choose an option where the character will like you.

No Time For Love 20G
Complete the game without being seduced.
– When having a conversation with Mina, Scarlet and Sie, don’t flirt with them. Always choose an option where it will not lead into liking Michael Thorton.

Ladies’ Man 10G
Romance all the ladies in Alpha Protocol in a single career.
– Flirt with all of the ladies in the game. Make sure while you flirt with one girl to the next, the other one will not dislike you.

Thorton, Inc. 10G
Turn all your enemies into allies in one single career.
– When dealing with the factions such as the Triad, and G22, always make an alliance with them. They will help you out in certain missions.

Exclusive Interview 5G
You and Scarlet Lake had a romantic trust.
– When speaking with Scarlet during the mission in Taipe, always try to get to your side. If you made an affection with Mina, it will be impossible for her to like you.

Office Romance 5G
Your working relationship with Mina Tang turned into something more.
– Build up a relationship with Mina by choosing the appropriate options when talking to her.

Rome-ance 5G
You became more than friends with Madison Saint James.
– Build a relationship with Madison while doing a mission in Rome.

Savage Love 5G
You gained the affection of SIE and allowed her to consummate her lust.
– Build a relationship with SIE while doing a mission on Moscow. Always choose the aggressive option to like you.

Hard to Read 10G
Use each stance at least 25% across 90 dialogue stance choices.


Stay of Execution 25G
You allowed Sheikh Shaheed to live.
– During the mission in Saudi Arabia, allow Sheikh Shaheed to escape and live. This will affect the entire mission.

Desert Spear 25G
Assassinate Sheikh Shaheed.
– During the mission in Saudi Arabia, kill Shaheed.


Rising Star 25G
You joined Halbech and put an end to Alpha Protocol.
– In the end, join Halbech and kill the leader of Alpha Protocol

Crime Buster 25G
You reconciled with Alpha Protocol and put Halbech out of business.
– In the end, join the Alpha Protocol and kill Leland.

No Compromise, No Mercy 25G
Choosing your own path, you put an end to Halbech and Alpha Protocol.
– In the end, you decided to put an end to Halbech and Alpha Protocol.


Secret Service 25G
You prevented the assassination of President Ronald Sung.
– While doing the Taipei mission, you prioritized in saving Ronald Sung rather than stopping the riot.

Keeping the Peace 25G
You prevented a riot from killing hundreds in Taipei.
– While doing the Taipei mission, choose to prevent the riot rather than saving the life of President Sung.

Never Trust A Sociopath 5G
You successfully alienated “secret agent” Steven Heck.


Hard Choices 25G
The Roman History Museum is safe, thanks to your efforts.
– When doing a mission where it asks you to stop the bomb from exploding in the Roman Museum, choose it. Otherwise, save Madison.

Friends Before Strangers 25G
You saved Madison Saint James from certain death.
– Save Madison instead of choosing to save the museum.

Youth Trumps Experience 5G
By carefully pushing his buttons, you provoked Marburg into fighting to the death.
– After fighting Marburg, kill him.

Respected Enemies 5G
You gained Marburg’s respect and bested him in battle.
– Spare his life after fighting him in a boss battle.


One Less Gangster 25G
Konstantin Brayko is dead by your hand.
– Kill Brayko while infiltrating his mansion.

A Price On Mercy 25G
You spared Konstantin Brayko.
– Spare his life after the boss fight with him is over.

Price For Lying 5G
You killed Surkov for lying to you.
– If you don’t want to make an alliance with Surkov, kill him to unlock the achievement / trophy.

Russian Alliance 5G
You forged a partnership with Sergei Surkov.
– When dealing with Surkov in the Moscow mission, make an alliance with his group.


Data Theft 5G
Hack 10 computers.
– Successfully hack 10 computers in any mission.

Circuit Breaker 5G
Bypass 20 electronic devices.
– Successfully bypass 20 keypads in any mission.

Breaking and Entering 5G
Pick 10 locks.
– Successfully pick 10 locks in any mission.

Building a Deadlier Mousetrap 5G
Have 100 placed devices detonate.
– Use the timed Mine and place it 100 times to detonate it.

Technophile 5G
Complete 5 missions wherein 6 different gadgets are used.
– Use six different gadgets when doing any of the five missions.

One With The Shadows 5G
Complete 3 missions with less than 5 kills and with no enemies alerted to your presence.
– Do melee attacks to not kill them. Don’t raise any alert in three of the missions.

Lurker 5G
Evade or Takedown 75 enemies across your career.
– Successfully evade or takedown 75 enemies. The amount of takedowns carries over to the second playthrough

Black Belt 5G
Defeat 50 enemies with CQC.
– Successfully kill 50 enemies using melee

Assault Rifle Marksmanship 5G
Score 100 head shots with the Assault Rifle.

Shotgun Crowd Control 5G
Score 100 Critical Hits with the Shotgun.

SMG Havoc 5G
Achieve the maximum SMG Critical Hit Multiplier 7 times in your career.

Pistol Mastery 5G
Score 100 Critical Hits with the Pistol.
– Aim for a headshot

Ready For Anything 5G
Acquire the vast majority of Intel available in the game.
– Always purchase the Intel for each mission at the Clearing House.

Judge, Jury, and Executioner 15G
Let your gun do the talking.
– Always use your gun.

Ask Questions First, Shoot Later 15G
Refrain from killing in cold blood.
– Damage enemies using Melee when fighting them.

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Mark Fajardo


  1. Dibol
    June 17, 2010, 8:59 AM

    About the Desert Spear achievement, you are able to get it when you assassinate Shaheed during the End Game.

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    December 23, 2010, 12:54 PM

    You can earn most of the achievements in one play through by saving at certain points where you choose to kill or let go the selected individuals then reload to do the opposite, same as missions play 3 without killing then reload, at the same time pay attention to conversations and learn what works.

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