First Ten Minutes – 3D Dot Game Heroes

Take a peek on the first ten minutes of the much anticipated 3D Dot Game Heroes, exclusively on the PlayStation 3. If you love the classic Zelda that was previously released on the NES console, there is no doubt you will not love this title.

Check back with us next week for our extensive coverage of 3D Dot Game Heroes. The game will be released May 11th exclusively on the PlayStation 3. No, Xbox 360 will not get this title.

First Ten Minutes - 3D Dot Game Heroes, 9.1 out of 10 based on 38 ratings
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Mark Fajardo

  • xino


    So much plagarism!

    Copy of Legend of Zelda style, gameplay and opening.
    Copy of Mario Kart character selection screen.

    Seriously FROMSOFTWARE don’t ever change:/

    one thing i just love about the game is the graphics

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  • Valor

    Oh man this game looks cool. Good times. I can’t wait to cut down every little bush or tree to see if there’s a hidden passage beneath it!

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  • ahlan

    @xino, idiot just STFU

    It looks awesome, it takes people back to the 8 bit era when zelda was huge, This game is an honorable tribute to the original LoZ

    FROMSOFTWARE made the best RPG this generation, Demon’s souls.

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  • Nosk

    This reminds me of how every mmorpg is a WoW clone, just look at Aion! If you cant tell my sarcasm then some people are lost.

    While i was hoping from software would continue on their DS2 series its good to see them doing something else as well. Even though I don’t like it personally. The blocky style reminds me of legos x.X Maybe ill feel nostalgic enough to pick this up after i manage to pull DS1 out of my System and then go through Just cause and FFXIII

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