PSP-3000 Drops Its Price

If you’re still holding out to buy a PSP, now is the good time to buy one as the PSP-3000 aka PSP Brite has finally dropped its price. Originally selling for $169.99, you can now buy the PSP-3000 for $149.99, which is $20 cheaper. The price only applies to GameStop as of now. There is no word if this is a nationwide price cut or just for Gamestop outlets.

Could the price drop for the PSP-3000 mean a price drop for the PSPGo as well? Are we going to see a new PSP model very soon? We’ll keep you updated next week during GDC! We’re going to be there so stay tuned!

PSP-3000 Drops Its Price, 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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Mark Fajardo

  • And yet I would still rather have a PSP-2000 at the previous price point. Seriously though, what does this tell in the hardware life cycle? Are we going to see the next iteration of Sony portable gaming hardware in next calendar year? Only time will tell because Sony ain’t saying much.

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