God of War III Costumes Disables Trophy

We sure love costumes and turning Kratos into the Phantom of Chaos on your first run through of the game might be one of the bad ideas you will be having. For the people who pre-ordered the game at their local Gamestop stores and received the exclusive Phantom of Chaos costume DLC might want to hold off in using it until you finish the game.

According to the game’s manual, it is stated that by using costumes, it will disable the ability to earn trophies. Costumes in God of War III can be unlocked by finishing the game for the first time or if you want to use it straight away, you can do so by redeeming the voucher code that you get from Gamestop or retailers by pre-ordering it.

Costumes can only be used on the difficulty levels that you have already cleared.

NOTE: I apologize for the wrong information about using the Phantom Chaos Skin. Yes, I can confirm that it can only be used AFTER you finished the game but the fact still stands by using any costumes, it WILL DISABLE TROPHIES you are wanting to get on your second playthrough.

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Mark Fajardo


  1. Collin
    March 8, 2010, 8:27 PM

    Are you sure that this doesn’t just mean that you can’t earn trophies while wearing a costume? That seems much more likely.

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  2. Mark Fajardo
    March 8, 2010, 8:30 PM

    As stated in the article, when you use a costume in the difficulty you just cleared, it will disable on that playthrough to earn trophies. Wearing costumes allows you to have specific powers equipped.

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  3. Ben
    March 8, 2010, 9:03 PM

    Read the damn instructions moron. You can’t use the costume even with the code until AFTER you have beat the game.

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  4. ENightmare69
    October 8, 2011, 5:04 AM

    I have a question regarding this.. it says wearing the skins/costumes will disable trophies.. ok that part is simple enough to understand.. hahaha my question is.. one of the trophies is “collect all godly items” well.. what if I use a costume and then collect all the items.. i know that items can be gathered across multiple saves to get the trophy.. so.. what happens if I am wearing a costume and pick up the LAST item I am needing? The thing is I have all the items except one! So if I play through the game and collect that last item.. when I quit the game it doesnt count as being collected?

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