This Weeks Nintendo Downloads for Europe

This weeks Nintendo downloads are four games: WiiWare games Max and the Magic Marker and Fast Draw: Showdown, as well as two Electroplancton games for DSiWare.

Fast Draw: Showdown (WiiWare, Digital Leisure: 500 Wii Points) is a remake of a 1994 arcade game that has you testing out your Remote reactions. It’s like a Wild West duel as you hold your gun by your side and attempt to draw quicker then your foe, gunning him down before he shoots you.

Max And The Magic Marker (Press Play, 1,000 Wii Points) is a colourful platformer which has you drawing objects with your Wii Remote in order to pass challenges. The story begins with Max drawing a purple monster with his new mysterious marker. However, the monster comes to life and jumps on to another drawing. In order to stop the monster messing up Max’s paintings, you have to chase him through 15 levels, drawing stairs, seesaws, balloons, surfboards and more to defeat enemies, overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. You can play the game either as single player or two player mode, with one controlling Max and the other the magic marker.

Electroplankton: Nanocarp (DSiWare, Nintendo: 200 Points) is another stage from the old DS musical oddity. Nanocarp have very sensitive hearing, and they react to sounds like clapping or whistling. They swim in formations of 16 and emit sounds when they sense ripples on the water’s surface. You can use the stylus to create ripples and waves and the Nanocarp’s pitch changes depending on their location on the water.

Electroplankton: Trapy (Nintendo, 200 DSi Points) sees these graceful swimmers emitting sounds as they follow lines that are traced along the water with your stylus. Each of the six types of Trapy produce different tones depending on the direction they swim; they produce low pitch sounds when they swim to the right and high pitch sounds when they swim to the left.