Sony’s Motion Controller Delayed.

The long awaited for motion controller from Sony has faced a delay. The reason behind pushing the controller away from its Spring 2010 release date is that Sony wants to hold it back until third party developers can release more games to accompany it eventual release. Sony itself is said to be releasing fifteen games on the controller’s release.

Kazuo Hirai President and C.E.O of S.C.E was quoted saying “We have decided to release the motion controller in fall 2010 when we will be able to offer an exciting and varied line-up of software titles that will deliver the new entertainment experience to PS3 users. We will continue to work to have a comprehensive portfolio of attractive and innovative games for the Motion Controller, not only from SCE Worldwide Studios but also from the third party developers and publishers, whom we have been working closely with.”

The Controller itself is made of two motion sensors, three axis gyroscopes and three axis accelerometers that can detect the angle and movement held in the user’s hand. Coupled with the PS3 Eye it said to give players unprecedented control. Look forward to a reveal of the motion controlled games to come soon ( most likely E3) and the controller itself which has been pushed to a Fall 2010 release.