Dragon Age: Awakening Expansion Revealed w/ More Details

Think you’ve sucked all the corpse gall, iron rings and frostrocks out of Dragon Age: Origins?  Have you decided that 170 hours is enough to spend on one game?  Rather than spending quality time with your loved ones over the holidays, were you hopelessly glued to your TV exploring every class, every specialization, and every nook and cranny of Ferelden?  Had enough?

Of course you haven’t.  That’s why you’re looking at this post, right?  The folks at Bioware have delivered information on the newest expansion, Dragon Age: Origins Awakening,  to keep the fans addicted to this soon-to-be-classic RPG.  After defeating the Archdemon, the darkspawn still lurk in the shadows (who knew this wouldn’t be the last of them).  You are responsible for restoring the Grey Wardens and uncovering the secrets behind the presence of the darkspawn.  The price tag is steep ($39.99 preorder at GameStop.com), but it seems as though the content is worth the cost.  Besides the new area of Amaranthine to explore, there are different enemies, five new party members, and new items to seek out.  More exciting is the  reward for faithful players who have put in the long hours to max out all the characters- an increased level cap, new abilities and specializations, and new character customization options.  The official website (http://dragonage.bioware.com/awakening)  has more information, screenshots and the trailer, which I’ve posted the link for below.  Pre-orders for the expansion ship March 16th.