3D Dot Game Heroes Heading for Europe

After some speculation, the PS3’s retro tribute is set to be published in Europe by SouthPeak, around the same time as North America will be getting the blatantly Zelda-influenced 3D Dot Game Heroes.

The NA release date is May 11, and while no official release date has been given for Europe, SouthPeak are trying to get the game out in Europe simultaneously to North America.

[SouthPeak] recognise the frustration of many European gamers to not get exciting releases until months after other regions, which is why we’re working closely together to deliver a simultaneous launch for North America and Europe.

– SouthPeak’s Tim Pivnicny

We really didn’t want Europeans to miss out on one of the most eagerly anticipated PlayStation 3 titles of 2010 and we’re delighted to be bringing 3D Dot Game Heroes to these shores. With its mix of wonderful retro-inspired graphics, tongue-in-cheek storyline and a super character creator, we’re sure it’ll be a huge success.

– PR Manager Rob Burman